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Hand-woven couture wrap yourself in luxury with APOCCAS

Proud to be in-vogue, APOCCAS are pleased to present their unique YINI and YANG ‘blanket-shawls’.

Ready just in time for the AW 14 season, the YINI and YANG blanket-shawls are part of the new heirloom made-to-order collection by APOCCAS. Made from 100% Royal Thai Gold Peacock Silk* (Gold being the highest accolade which emphasises the quality of raw materials and processes used in producing this exquisite mulberry silk), these luxurious one-of-a-kind designs come in seven stunning colour-ways, each hand-dyed using locally sourced botanical dyes and produced on traditional hand-looms.

"We don’t just make a better scarf - we make scarves better." Alexandra du Sold, APOCCAS.

A stand-out design to wear and be seen in, prices start from £495.00 and will be available at and from Fenwick of Bond Street from 2016.

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