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Watch Style – Show Some Cuff with Angelo Galasso

Luxury Italian fashion designer, Angelo Galasso, celebrates 20 years of his eponymous Polso Orologio (Watch Cuff) shirt!

Once suggested that he should be made the “patron saint of office workers because he made open-necked, high-collared shirts fashionable”, this year Angelo Galasso marks the 20th anniversary of his signature ‘Watch Cuff’ design with a celebration of precise styling and exquisite timepieces from luxury boutique Frost of London.

Created in 1996 to showcase the Timepiece, Angelo received much praise when he introduced the ingenious and exclusive Polso Orologio shirt. Inspired by former Fiat president and tycoon Gianni Agnelli who, in the Eighties, used to wear his watch over his sleeve due to a skin allergy, the shrewd design made history in 2004 when it was exhibited in the London Design Museum. This showcase led the Financial Times to dub Angelo Galasso as The Da Vinci of Shirts and define him as “this generation’s most inventive image maker”.

A statement that has become a synonymous with Angelo himself, and coveted by many celebrity patrons, among them Sir Paul McCartney, Sir Michael Caine, Al Pacino, David Beckham and even Tony Blair, the ‘Watch Cuff’ has fully established itself as a cutting-edge design to be worn and flaunted with exemplary timepieces the world over.

“The watch has always been a fascination of mine; it is the ultimate male accessory - exuding personality, power and luxury. My Watch Cuff design exemplifies that.

Angelo Galasso

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