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Nostalgic Perfume House Deco London Launches in Cologne & Cotton

This April, vintage inspired perfume house Deco London launches in luxury London boutique Cologne & Cotton, with their 1920s fragrance collection.

Inspired by young bohemian aristocrats and socialites who populated London in the 20s, Deco London perfectly captures the elegance and glamour of the era with six unique Eau de Parfums, 3 for women and 3 for men.

With the intention of safeguarding the historical and artistic heritage of the glamorous decade, Deco London pays homage to the roaring twenties, combining the highest quality raw materials with straightforward sophisticated perfumery to offer a selection of luxurious bouquets. Its art deco packaging elegantly reflects the fashion of the time and artistic passion contained within each bottle.

Each of the six perfumes has been carefully developed based on extensive research, to offer alluring and contemporary blends from the opulent era. Florals are at the heart of collection, combined with either woody, spicy or oriental notes, along with citrus, musk and amber scatterings.

Creative Director Sophia Fannon-Howell says,

‘Deco London combines the sophistication, style and exuberance of 1920s London with the finest elements of classic perfumery. We never compromise on quality. Our luxury fragrances are made in England and our brand reflects our English heritage.’

With each fragrance evoking an olfactory character and embracing the high society personality of the 1920s, Deco London has created the perfect perfume for the discerning gentleman and distinct woman.

Available in a 50ml Eau de Parfum for £75, Deco London will be available from the Marylebone based store from mid-April.

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