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I Love Stationery Because…

Ahead of National Stationery Week, 25th April, firm believers in the written word and stationery experts, Pen Heaven, are on a nationwide hunt to find Britain's biggest stationery obsessive.

With comedian Sarah Millican and author Jill Mansell confessing to their love of stationery, and Peter Jones carrying his trusty Yard O Led Viceroy wherever he goes, it appears many of us Brits share this common admiration, with hardcore fans flocking to National Stationery Week in their droves every year.

To mark the occasion and revel in the stationery explosion, Pen Heaven are celebrating National Stationery Week 2016 by offering a £150 hamper to the UKs biggest fountain pen fanatic or stationery hoarder.

Whether born from a love of childhood memories, where collecting rubbers, pens and cases were as much a part of daily schooling as the lessons themselves, or founded later in life when the desire to write in pen and ink became too overwhelming, Pen Heaven want to hear from stationery enthusiasts big and small!

Addicted to cursive and obsessed with the humble pen and paper, Pen Heaven invite devotees to tell them why they relish over the comforts of their perfect pens, the smooth leather of notebooks and how some items (like your first fountain pen) have true sentimental value.

“Many years ago…before people obsessed over computers, tablets and mobile phones, it was popular to have the best of the best in stationery. We reveled in the extensive choice of colourful, quirky and downright amazing pens, rubbers, pencil cases, books and diaries.

Although technology is a brilliant invention, these retro items bring back memories in a way a laptop could never do – they were silly, fun and personalised. My personal favourite? The wind-up sharpener.” – David Cole, Pen Heaven

Images of stationery collections in all their glory are highly encouraged and to enter simply complete the sentence ‘I love stationery because…’ and join the campaign to keep handwriting alive!

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